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“The Giving Tree”

 by Shel Silverstein,
is a well-known story of a little boy, a
tree, and their relationship.

The little
boy loves climbing the tree, playing hide
and seek behind it, eating its apples, and
carving his initials in its trunk, and the
tree loves the little boy.

 As the boy grows
older, he rarely visits the tree. When he
comes back, the tree invites him to climb
its branches, to eat its apples, to have fun.

But the boy wants other things.     
 First – he
wants money to find happiness, and the
tree gives him its apples to sell.

later, the boy returns and expresses his
desire to build a house. The tree gives
him its branches to build his house.

When the boy returns as a grown man,
he is still searching for happiness and
expresses his desire to have a boat to get
away and find happiness. The tree gives
him its trunk for a boat.

 Each time the
tree gives to the boy, the tree is happy.

Finally, the boy returns as a sad and tired
old man. The tree, having already given
its apples, its branches, and its trunk, is
now just a stump. 

The tree wishes it had
something to give to the boy who declares
he is too tired to do anything but sit. The
tree offers him his stump to sit on – and
the tree is happy, for after all, the tree is
“the giving tree.”

It is easy to take something for granted,
as the boy did the tree.  

The same is true with us in regard to our
spiritual home, the church, in our case,
Eastside Baptist Church.  

We should  Give back
while we can.
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