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Pastoral  Biography...
                 Life-Verse :  Philippians 1:6
 Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform [it] until the day of Jesus Christ:
Rom 3:25 Whom God hath set forth [to be] a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
Pastor of 35  years, Richard K. Tosh. B.Music; M.Ministry; D.D; ThD.
  My Great-Grandmother's Father, my Great-Great Grandfather, Richard Ellis was a circuit-riding Cumberland Presbyterian preacher  in the mountains of North Alabama in the later years of the 19th century.  After the Civil War, because the Cumberland Presbyterian church became extinct in North Alabama, he was licensed by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  He died in 1898 and is buried in Winston County, Alabama.  My Grandfather, M.M. Keeton, was a Nazarene preacher who quit preaching and became a singer/piano player . He had been  licensed in the Nazarene church in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and remained a   Nazarene until he died.  .  He  ended up in Red River County Texas and ended up playing the piano for Frank Stamps Music Company. He spent his life bringing joy with his piano artistry and his funny antics while playing.  His father, Jesse Keeton was shot and killed in Paris, Texas and is buried at Roxton, Texas.  He was a share-cropper.  The owner of the farm had a history of forcing the farmers off the farm when the crop came in.  He didn't want to honor his deal with the farmers and Jesse Keeton would not budge.  So the owner of the farm ambushed him and killed him.  That is a sad story that left a family without a husband and father.  The family lived in the Hillsboro and Waxahachie area after that.  Somehow they moved to the Panhandle of Texas for work and that's where I was born, Pampa.   . We lived in Pampa, Skellytown, Spring Creek, Stinnett, and Borger in the Panhandle...I was saved at Victory Baptist Church in Stinnett, Texas, April 15, 1959...Bro. George Jackson was my pastor... But I left West Texas after I surrendered to preach at Victory Baptist Church in Stinnett, Texas after graduating from Stinnett High School.  I had moved to Lubbock after graduation and worked for a summer and became a draftsman through a business college in Lubbock... being hired by the company owned by my teacher... But, I answered the call to this ministry and left the possibility of a degree in engineering at Texas Tech on the table. I don't know that I would have earned that degree.  I was working already as a draftsman, designing residential home plans.  I might have just stayed there until this very day...but things change...life is moving around us constantly...others lives are changing and sometimes....we cannot help BUT change...
I left Lubbock, Texas in 1965 and moved to Dallas-Oak Cliff to attend Bible School.
I drove a 1958 Red Buick Special from West Texas to Dallas.  What a great car. It would be worth over $ 10,000 now.  The dorm guys rode with me a lot; but, they would have to push me off, first.  Then they'd jump in and off we'd go in Dallas.
Who can forget those days? 
 Oak Cliff was a beautiful place to live...lots of trees and hills...wonderful people...the home of the Texas Theatre where they caught Oswald...but more importantly, home of the Stamps-Baxter Music Company and the Stamps Quartet Music Company...the home of those great singing schools...the most important place for Gospel music West of the Mississippi... Lots happened in Dallas. While living in Oak Cliff, I worked for Gospel Films Library.  Our job was to receive Christian films that had been rented out, repair them, rewind them and case them and file them away until rented again.  Then we would send those films out to churches all over the place.  This was a part-time job while I was attending seminary in Oak Cliff.  My pay was , get this, 90 cents an hour!  I ate a lot of graham crackers and drank a lot of water while in Dallas.  I didn't have a support system in place.  No one was feeding me money.  I just tried to endure.  While remaining faithful to the Lord's work,  

I met  Emma Lee Spencer and that was that.  She was pretty.  She was attending seminary, too.  She was  a preacher's daughter.  And, she played that Stamps-Baxter style of piano...she had that swing-bass, octave-chord style of playing...I was sold by her talent and dedication to the Lord's work...She had always been a piano player for church since she was a teenager.  Her dad saw to that.  She has taught piano lessons in Haltom City for 50 years!  Her dad was a preacher...Everything fell into place...  So, our ministry was born and we were married at Southside Baptist Church in Fort Worth.  Her father, Dr. A.L. Spencer and Dr. B. F. Dearmore married us.  That was 51 years ago as of August 14, 2017. 
 ....  All in Ministry.  I was favored to receive several degrees.   Have pastored Eastside since 1982.  Love the ministry.  Love the people.  Don't always understand them, but love them. 
God knows the gains and the losses and "there's too much to gain, to lose" . I believe the people love us, too!  They must.... 31years have passed ... going on 32 years now.
We bought a 4104 Touring Bus from Tracy Dartt.  It looked like the one in the picture, but that's not really it.  We had a blast traveling and singing in a small region of the U.S.A.  Everybody has stories to tell about travel in a bus.  It began in a van, then a motor home. The motor home leaked so we parked in car-washes during rain storms.  The door wouldn't stay closed so we had to tie a rope to it while we drove down the highway.  But it was so comfortable to go in the bus.  Smooth and easy going.  I wouldn't do it again for a million dollars, although you don't want to offer it to me.  I'd probably take you up on it and give it a try.  We used the bus when we were with the Blackwood Brothers in the 80's. 
 OCTOBER 5, 1937-APRIL 5, 2017
Although she has left me here and gone to be with her Lord, Emma Lee is my miracle lady!  She was struck by lightning at the church door a few years ago and survived.  She suffered a severe stroke a couple of years ago and hardly missed a beat playing that piano!  Thank God for the blessing of a faithful and industrious wife!  She has been the mainstay in my life all these years.
Emma Lee and I began to sing together early in our marriage.  We still sing together and all of our work is in the church... together....we're grateful for those who have joined with us in this work...
Nearly 51 years of marriage and ministry together.  

Our only son, Richard II, is a musician. 
Today, he serves with us at church.
 He, as a young man, traveled with us and then with the Blackwood Brothers Quartet of Memphis, Tennessee.  In his experience as a musician he played the bass guitar in an extraordinary way.  He played the piano and bass for the Blackwoods and sang a 5th part behind the quartet.  
In addition to  the Blackwood Brothers, He traveled with The Halyards, His Glory Singers of Georgia, and Bob Wills and the Inspirationals of Fort Worth, as well as his family.  He was always good as a musician. 
 He won the Department of Music award at Tarrant County College as a  teenager.
  Due to his work with the Inspirationals,
 he is inducted into the
Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame
along with so many of his older performing friends..
Richard and Emma Lee were honored in
September , 2008 with the  
Calvin Wills Southern Gospel Music Award
 presented in Paris, Texas by the  Board  of  the
  Southern Gospel Music Association of Texas. 
This award  was given in recognition of work in promotion and teaching of Gospel music for many years. 
We were very surprised to receive this award.  There are so many who have done so much
for Gospel music in Texas.  Though humbled we are very proud to have received it.
The Tosh School of Gospel Music
Will Celebrate 28 years in 2016. 
We have had more than one school some years.
More information on the school is available on the next page.
Philippians 1: 6  
                  "...shall be able to complete it..." 
Drs. Richard and Emma Lee Tosh
Drs. Richard and Emma Lee Tosh
Eastside Baptist Church Fort Worth
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